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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Change in Boarding Points of Government Buses for Diwali 2017 (Chennai)

Change in Boarding  Points of 
Government Buses for Diwali 2017 (Chennai)

Many of you might be aware that the Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation and Chennai City Traffic Police have come up with a plan of shifting the boarding points of government buses during Diwali of last year. This seems to be working well and they have made the similar changes in the boarding points of the government buses in Chennai for this year diwali as well.

As a cityZen, almost everyone of us would have experienced the worst traffic movements during the festive days, especially on Diwali where most of us will be going to our hometown for celebrating this festival of lights. It won't be an easy task for the CCTP to control the traffic in this situation and hence comes this announcement from TNSTC to change the boarding points of the government buses to 5 different bus stands based on the destination of our travel, the details of these bus stands are elaborated in the later part of this post.

Those who are planning to go out during the Diwali holidays, kindly go through this post so that you can be well informed about where to board and avoid the loss of time from commuting to the new boarding points from the CMBT. This post is based on the article published in the official website of TNSTC. Kindly note that the change in boarding points are only for the period 15th October 2017 (Sunday) to 17th October 2016 (Tuesday). 


1. Andhra Bound Buses – Depart from Anna Nagar (West) bus stand of MTC:

Buses to: Andhra Pradesh (Both TN & APSRTC Buses) 
Departure point: ANNA NAGAR (WEST) Bus Stand.

Sharing the map of Anna Nagar West Bus Stand below, in case if you are not able to locate:

2. ECR bound Buses – Depart from Saidapet Court Bus Stop (Opp Saidapet Bus Depot):

Buses to: Puducherry, Cuddalore & Chidambaram 
Departure point: Saidapet Court Bus Stop (Opp to Saidapet Bus Depot) 

Note: Saidapet Depot is different from Saidapet Bus Stand

Sharing the map of Saidapet Court bus stop below, in case if you are not able to locate:

3. Operations of Buses Via Vikravandi & Panruty – Depart from Arignar Anna Bus Stand, Tambaram-Sanatorium (MEPZ):

Buses to: Kumbakonam & Beyond, Thanjavur via Tindivanam, Vikravandi
Departure point: Arignar Anna Bus Stand, Tambaram-Sanatorium (MEPZ)

Sharing the map of Arignar Anna Bus Stand, Tambaram-Sanatorium (MEPZ) below, in case if you are not able to locate:

4. Operations of Buses Via Vellore – Depart from Poonamallee Bus Stand:

Buses to: Arcot, Arani, Vellore, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Tirupathur
& Hosur

Departure point: Poonamallee Bus Stand
Sharing the map of Poonamallee Bus Stand below, in case if you are not able to locate:

5. Operations of Buses from CMBT Bus Stand:

Buses to: Myladuthurai, Nagapattinam, Velankanni,Trichy, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Shencottah, Tuticorin, Thiruchendur, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Marthandam,Trivandrum, Karaikudi, Dindigul, Rameswaram, Panrutti, Neyveli, Villupuram, Kallakurichi, Tiruvannamalai, Kancheepuram, Salem, Karur, Erode, Coimbatore, Guruvayur, Kottarakara, Ernakulam, Bangalore and other destinations not mentioned in above 4 points. 
Departure point: CMBT Bus Stand (Usual Bus Stand)

Note: Even if we reserved the ticket with Boarding point mentioned as Koyambedu, we need to board the buses at the above mentioned temporary bus stands during the period 15th October 2017 to 17th October 2017.

Tabular representation of the boarding points and the corresponding destination is given below for easy referencing:

Temperory Boarding Points
Anna Nagar (West) Bus stand
Andhra Pradesh (Both TN & APSRTC Buses)
Red Hills
Saidapet Court Bus Stop
* Puducherry
* Cuddalore
* Chidambaram
Poonamallee Bus Stand
* Arcot
* Arani
* Vellore
* Dharmapuri
* Krishnagiri
* Thirupathur
* Hosur
Arignar Anna Bus Stand - Tambaram MEPZ
* Kumbakonam & Beyond
* Thanjavur
Vikravandi, Panruti
* Myladuthurai
* Nagapattinam
* Velankanni
* Trichy
* Madurai
* Tirunelveli
* Shencottah
* Tuticorin
* Thiruchendur
* Nagercoil
* Kanyakumari
* Marthandam
* Trivandrum
* Karaikudi
* Dindigul
* Rameswaram
* Panrutti
* Neyveli
* Villupuram
* Kallakurichi
* Tiruvannamalai
* Kancheepuram
* Salem
* Karur
* Erode
* Coimbatore
* Guruvayur
* Kottarakara
* Ernakulam 
* Bangalore
and other destinations not mentioned in above 4 boarding points

Hint: If you want to quickly find out the boarding point based on your destination, try using find command  (Ctrl+F) and search for the destination and it will land you in the corresponding field where the boarding point is mentioned.


Apart from the above changes in the boarding points, there is also a diversions in the route in which the bus travels, as below:

Change in Boarding Point – Tambaram & Perungalathur reserved passengers to board at URAPAKKAM temporary bus stand:

Reserved buses from CMBT will NOT ply via Tambaram & Perungalathur, instead, they will go via Maduravoyal, Poonamallee, Nazarathpet, outer ring road, Vandalur. The reserved passengers with boarding point at Tambaram and Perungalathur are requested to board concerned buses at Urapakkam Temporary bus stand instead of Tambaram and Perungalathur at the boarding time mentioned. 

Sharing the map of Urapakkam bus stop below:

It was also mentioned in the article that the feeder services are also available from all these bus stands. For any enquiries and complaints, we can reach TNSTC by calling 044-2479 4709

Kindly share this article with those who are travelling to their home town during Diwali and wishing you all a very happy & safe Diwali. Have a safe journey.


Disclaimer:  This blog post is made based on the official press release by the TNSTC. This post is not the official circular from the TNSTC nor the replacement, this is just my interpretation of the press release by TNSTC and tried to make it easily understandable for the commuters. In case if any of you find any errors in this article, feel free to get back to me! I hope this post will be of help to plan the hassle free journey in advance. Meet you all in my next post!

With Cheers,
Deepak Raghuraman

Monday, 7 August 2017

Ration Card is now Smart Ration Card

Since the introduction of Aadhaar card, lots of transformations have been taking place in the government services. The latest one in that list is the Smart Ration card in Tamil Nadu. The process of Smart Ration card started with linking the Aadhaar Number with the Ration Card.

Linking Aadhaar Card with Ration Card:

Initially, the linking of Aadhaar card was done in the PDS shops (Ration Shops). Those people who regularly purchasing products from PDS shop have linked the Aadhaar Number by providing the copies of the Aadhaar Card of all their family members to their Ration Shop. For the benefit of others who are not visiting the PDS shops, the linking of Aadhaar was enabled through a mobile App "TNEPDS" (

Thus, the Aadhaar Number forms base for the Smart Ration card. As such, the Smart Card will be processed only if the Aadhaar details of the family members were linked with the Ration Card.

Process of Converting the Existing Ration Card to Smart Ration Card:

I. For those who have linked their Aadhaar Number:

i) If mobile number is registered with Ration Card:

  • The Smart Ration Cards for the existing card holders who have linked their Aadhaar numbers will be processed automatically
  • The status of the same can be obtained by logging into the TNPDS website in the link:
  • Login with the registered mobile number and it will prompt for OTP
  • Then click on to my services and select Smart Card Status
  • Once the Smart Card is processed, we will get the SMS from the TNPDS with a One Time Password (OTP)
  • In case the SMS is deleted, the OTP can be retrieved through the TNEPDS app
  • The OTP to be shared with the Ration Shop to collect the smart ration card

ii) If mobile number is not registered or the registered number is inactive:

The mobile numbers were registered while submitting the copy of the Aadhaar card in the ration shop. But in case, if the mobile number is not registered or the registered mobile number is inactive, we can register / update our mobile. This can be done ONLY by calling the helpline numbers 1967 (or) 1800 425 5901. I know many of us might have a doubt whether they answer. I tried and they are too good in responding and clarifying the doubts, which made me write this post.

Make sure to keep the ration card with you while calling the helpline number to register / update the mobile number, as we need to share our ration card number to them for registration / updation of mobile number.

Once the mobile number is registered, follow the same steps as given part (i).

II. For those who have NOT linked their Aadhaar Number:

If the Aadhaar number is not linked with the Ration Card, the smart ration card can be applied by linking the Aadhaar by following the below steps:

1) Go to
2) Click on Smart Card Application under Useful Links
3) Click on "Old Card Enrollment"
4) Fill up the form with the below details:

  • Ration Card Number: Enter the Ration card number which can be found on the top of the Ration Card
  • FPS Code: Fair Price Shop Code - Which can be found on the left bottom of the ration card
  • Ration Card Proof: Upload the scanned copy of front page of Ration Card. Make sure the scanned copy meets the below conditions: 
    • It should be in either of the formats of PDF / JPG / JPEG / PNG / GIF
    • The file size of the scanned copy should be less than 100 KB
  • Fill in the other details such as Name of the family head, father's name and address
  • Upload Family Head's Photo: Family head's photo should be uploaded. It should be in either of the format of JPG / JPEG / PNG / GIF and the file size should be less than 10 KB.
  • Update the details of family members: Details of the family members should be updated
  • Card Option: Type of card should be selected - No Commodity Card / Rice Card / Sugar Card / Others.
  • Proof of address to be uploaded: Valid proof of address to be uploaded and file size should be less than 100 KB. Below are the valid proof of address accepted:
    • Aadhaar Card
    • EB Bill
    • Front Page of Pass Book
    • Gas Consumer Card
    • Property Tax in case of own house
    • Passport
    • Rent Agreement
    • Slum Clearance Board allotment order
    • Phone Bill
    • Voter's ID Card
  • Details of GAS Connection: The below details should be provided if we have gas connection:
    • Registered Person's name
    • Oil Company IOCL / HPC / BPC
    • LPG Consumer Number
    • Name of the GAS Agency
    • Number of Gas Cylinders
  • After filling all the details, the declaration check box to be clicked and submitted.
  • The mobile number will get registered in this process itself and the status can be tracked in the same manner as mentioned in the Part I.

I hope this post could clarify few of the doubts prevailed over the smart ration card. As mentioned earlier, the Aadhaar Card forms base for this smart card and those who are yet to link the Aadhaar Number with the Ration Card, kindly do it as early as possible. It won't take more than half an hour of time. All the information provided in this blog post were obtained from the TNPDS official website and through the details collected over the phone call to their official helpline number. In case if any of you find any errors / incorrect information, feel free to let me know. If you have any further queries, feel free to ping me. I shall try to clarify me. Please make sure to spread the word about this smart ration card to those who are not having access to the digital world.

Meet you all in my next post.

Warm Regards,

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Raise Complaint for Civic Issues through “Swachhata APP”

“Whoak” , “Dirty" - covering the nose by telling all such words has become a common scene today.

How often are we witnessing the garbages overflowing  on the road? How often are we irritated on the absence of the garbage collecting van? How often are we scolding the civic authorities & the workers with whatever words comes to our mind for not collecting the garbages?

The obvious answer to all the above questions lies in the question itself - “Often” . It's quite often we get irritated by the civic issues like the one which is stated above. I could see a lot of people (Including the one I see in mirror everyday) keeps talking about this with their neighbours and also posting the same in the social media.

It is always wise to knock the right door than shouting in front of the wrong house. As such, the civic issues should be escalated to the right authority.  There comes the questions of “who” & “how”!

We always have the traditional system of calling up the helpline number and escalating these complaints. In the current decade of WhatsApp & Facebook, it is obvious for us to expect that these kind of Civic issues should be raised & resolved on the go! To our surprise, it is possible.

Thanks to the Ministry of Urban Development, which has developed an APP by the name “Swachhata” under its Swachh Bharat mission. The APP works just the way we want it to be. It has a user friendly interface and easy to use options.

We can raise the complaints on the civic issues which we face in Chennai with the help of this app in just a few steps as explained below:

Step-1: Download the App:

The APP can be downloaded from the Google play store in the below link:

Step-2: Installing & Creating the Profile:

The app will prompt the Mobile number & other basic details to complete the registration.

Step-3: Identifying the Issues which can be raised using the APP:

We can use this APP only for the specified civic issues which are mentioned below:

1) Garbage Dump
2) Garbage vehicle not arrived
3) Dustbins not cleaned
4) Sweeping not done
5) Dead animals
6) Public toilet(s) cleaning
7) Public toilet(s) blockage
8) No water supply in public toilet(s)
9) No electricity in public toilet(s)


Step-4: Lodging the complaint through APP:

The issue can’t be raised through the APP without attaching the picture evidencing civic issue.

As such, a picture of the Civic-related issue has to be taken. The app provides options to upload the picture from our internal storage or to take the snap directly from the app.

If picture taken through the app directly, the location will be captured automatically. If it is uploaded, we need to type the exact location. In both the cases, landmark to be typed mandatorily.

Step-5: Resolving the Issue:

The complaint we raised through APP , will then be assigned to the concerned sanitary inspector / engineer. The complaint will be visible in the app like a Facebook timeline. The complaint status will be seen at the right top of the picture as “Open” / “Resolved” / “Rejected”.


This is a great work by the ministry of Urban Development. Many of us might not be aware of this APP. So requesting everyone to share & spread the awareness.

Be the change & See the change!

Warm Regards,
Deepak Raghuraman

Sunday, 11 June 2017

How to link Aadhar Card with PAN Card online in just 3 steps

Link Aadhar Card with PAN Card online
in just 3 steps

There has been a lot of confusions over linking the Aadhar card with PAN card for the past few months. The income tax website provided the error message while we tried to link Aadhar with PAN, as the name as per Aadhar is not matching with hte name as per PAN card.

The income tax department's website to link the Aadhar card has been revamped now and we can now link the Aadhar card with the PAN card in just a few clicks by following the below steps.

Step-1: Click the below link to access the Income Tax department's website to link Aadhar card with the PAN card:

A window will open like the below screenshot:

Step-2: Enter the necessary details as described below:

i) PAN: Enter the 10 digits PAN number in this field

ii) Aadhaar Number: Enter the 12 digits Aadhar Number in this field

iii) Name as per AADHAAR: Enter the the name as in the Aadhaar Card (Make sure to enter the name with the correct spelling as in Aadhaar)

iv) I have only year of birth in Aadhaar card: Check this box only if the aadhar card doesn't have the full date of birth and has only the year of birth. Keep this check box empty if the aadhaar card has full date of birth (Date/Month/Year)

v) Code: Enter the captcha code in the box provided

After filling all the details as above, click on LINK AADHAAR button.

Note: In few instances, OTP may be sent to  the registered mobile number when the name as per Aadhaar is not exactly matching with the name as per PAN card. 

Additional points to be verified if there is a mismatch between name as per PAN & Aadhaar:

In such case where the name differs between Aadhar & PAN, make sure that the mobile number is registered with aadhar. The last three digits of the registered mobile number (If registered) can be found out in the below link:

If the mobile number is not registered, it has to be registered first by applying for corrections in Aadhaar card in the nearest Aadhar enrollment center.

Step-3: After submitting the details, a confirmation message will come as a pop-up.

Conclusion: It just takes a maximum of ten minutes time to link Aadhar with PAN through this process. Even if you are not a tax payer and you are holding the Aadhar Card, it is advisable to link the Aadhar with PAN as explained above. 

Kindly share the post to make others aware and make sure to educate the people who don't have access to Internet. Be the helping hand by sharing this post especially to those who can't access internet and to the senior citizens.

As a reminder of my previous post in our FB page, Don't share the Aadhar Number to the unsolicited persons over phone or by any other means.

Meet you all in my next post!

Feel free to mail me at in case if you need any clarifications / assistance.

Deepak Raghuraman

Monday, 20 March 2017

Apply for Corrections in Aadhar Card Online

How to make corrections in Aadhar Card Online

Aadhar card has slowly become the essential proof to avail the government services.  As such, it is essential to have the Aadhar card with correct and up-to-date details.  I have already made a post on applying for aadhar card couple of years back. Based on the queries and follow-ups which I have received on the post, I am writing this post on how to make corrections in the details provided in the Aadhar card just by few clicks online.

Details which can be changed in the Aadhar Card online:

1. Name
2. Gender
3. Date of Birth
4. Address
5. Mobile Phone Number
6. Email ID

Steps to apply for corrections in Aadhar Card online:

Step-1 – Login to the Portal:

The first step in applying for the corrections in the Aadhar card is to login to the “Aadhar Self Service Update Portal” by clicking the below link or click here:

A screen like below will open:

We need to enter the Aadhar number for which the corrections to be applied and the OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to the mobile number which was registered with the Aadhar number while applying for the same.

Kindly note, the OTP will be sent the mobile number which was updated while applying for the Aadhar card. In many instances, I have seen people have given one single mobile number for the Aadhar number applied for all their family members. So kindly make sure to check the OTP in that specific mobile number.

Also note that, the OTP is valid only for 15 minutes from the time they sent the SMS. Kindly make sure to enter the OTP as soon as you receive.

Step-2:  Choosing the fields / data which need to be changed / corrected:

After entering the OTP, the below screen will open and we need to check the details which need to be changed / corrected.  We can check multiple fields in case we want to make multiple changes and corrections in Aadhar card.

Step-3:  Applying for the changes selected and uploading the valid documents for supporting the corrections / changes:

1) For changes / corrections in Mobile Number and Email ID and Gender:

No documents are needed for the corrections / changes in the below fields:
a) Mobile Number
b) Email ID
c) Gender

For the mobile number and Email ID, we will be asked to enter the new mobile / Email ID and then to submit it. No other formalities required. Once submitted, make a note of the Update Request Number (URN) which will be used to track the status.

2) For changes / corrections in Name:

There may be some error in the spelling or we might have changed our name. In both the instances, we can update the aadhar details by typing the new name in the required field. But we need to upload the proof of Identity to support the name change / corrections.

The valid proof of Identity as mentioned in the UIDAI website is listed below. Any one of the below original document has to be scanned in color mode and to be uploaded:

Proof of Identity
PAN Card
Ration/ PDS Photo Card
Voter ID
Driving License
Government Photo ID Cards/ service photo identity card issued by PSU
NREGS Job Card
Photo ID issued by Recognized Educational Institution
Arms License
Photo Bank ATM Card
Photo Credit Card
Pensioner Photo Card
Freedom Fighter Photo Card
Kissan Photo Passbook
CGHS / ECHS Photo Card
Address Card having Name and Photo issued by Department of Posts
Certificate of Identify having photo issued by Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead
Disability ID Card/handicapped medical certificate issued by the respective State/UT
Affidavit executed on nonjudicial stamp paper to be submitted by a woman applicant for name change after marriage (Joint Affidavit to be submitted along with her husband with joint photo)
Marriage Certificate
Proof of Marriage document issued by the Registrar
Gazette Notification
Legal Name Change Certificate

Note: For above documents, where original document does not have photo, the photocopy/scan of the documents must be taken along with the photo.

3) For changes / corrections in Address:

The change / correction in the address can be updated by entering the new address in the required field. But we need to upload the proof of address to support the change in Address.

The valid proof of Address as mentioned in the UIDAI website is listed below. Any one of the below original document has to be scanned in color mode and to be uploaded:

Proof of Address
Bank Statement/ Passbook
Post Office Account Statement/Passbook
Ration Card
Voter ID
Driving License
Government Photo ID cards/ service photo identity card issued by PSU
Electricity Bill (not older than 3 months)
Water bill (not older than 3 months)
Telephone Landline Bill (not older than 3 months)
Property Tax Receipt (not older than 1 year)
Credit Card Statement (not older than 3 months)
Insurance Policy
Signed Letter having Photo from Bank on letterhead
Signed Letter having Photo issued by registered Company on letterhead
Signed Letter having Photo issued by Recognized Educational Instruction on letterhead
NREGS Job Card
Arms License
Pensioner Card
Freedom Fighter Card
Kissan Passbook
Certificate of Address having photo issued by MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on letterhead
Certificate of Address issued by Village Panchayat head or its equivalent authority (for rural areas)
Income Tax Assessment Order
Vehicle Registration Certificate
Registered Sale / Lease / Rent Agreement
Address Card having Photo issued by Department of Posts
Caste and Domicile Certificate having Photo issued by State Govt.
Disability ID Card/handicapped medical certificate issued by the respective State/UT Governments/Administrations
Gas Connection Bill (not older than 3 months)
Passport of Spouse
Passport of Parents(in case of Minor)
Allotment letter of accomodation issued by Central/State Govt. of not more than three years old
Marriage Certificate issued by the Govt, containing address

4) For  corrections in Date of Birth:

The correction in the date of birth can be updated by entering the correct date of birth in the required field. But we need to upload the proof of date of birth to support the change in date of birth.

The valid proof of Date of Birth as mentioned in the UIDAI website is listed below. Any one of the below original document has to be scanned in color mode and to be uploaded:

Proof of Date of Birth
Birth Certificate
SSLC Book/Certificate
Certificate of Date of Birth issued by Group A Gazetted Officer on letterhead
PAN Card
Mark sheet issued by any Govt. Board or University
Govt. Photo ID Card/Photo Identity card issued by PSU containing DOB
Central State Pension Payment Order
Central Govt. Health Service Scheme photo card or Ex Servicemen contributory health scheme photo card
Kindly make sure to have the above mentioned documents ready before applying for the corrections online.

Step-4: Downloading the acknowledgement of Update Request :

After entering the necessary details and uploading the requisite documents, we will be given the Update Request Number (URN) on the screen, which has the details of the updates which we have made / applied for.  It provides option to print and download this acknowledgement. It is advisable to save this acknowledgement, as this URN will be used to track the status of our request. The acknowledgement will look like the below screenshot:

Step-5: Tracking the status:

The status of the update request can be tracked by the following steps:

Step 5.1: Click on the link to track the status :

Step 5.2: The below screen will open

Step 5.3: Enter the Aadhar number and the URN (Update Request Number – Which was there in the acknowledgement in step 4). 

Kindly note that the URN might have the “/” symbols in the acknowledgement. While typing the URN in the tracking screen above, ignore those backslashes “/” and type only the numbers.

Step 5.4: Status will be shown in the next screen which looks like the below screenshot.

Step-6: Updated Aadhar:

In case of changes in Name, Gender, Address & Date of Birth:  Once the requested change has got updated, updated aadhar letter will be sent to our address

In case of changes in Mobile Number and E-mail ID: Aadhar letter won’t be sent for the changes in Mobile Number and E-mail ID. The status as seen in the step-5 shall be taken as the confirmation that the requested change has been updated in the Aadhar card.


1)  The corrections can be done online only if the mobile number was registered with the Aadhar number.

2) If the mobile number was not registered, or the registered mobile was not accessible we have to apply for the corrections in offline mode.

In case if you haven’t applied for Aadhar card or want to know how to apply for corrections in offline mode along with the addresses of the permanent aadhar centers in Chennai, please wait for my next post which will be posted very soon.

Kindly share this post / details with those who can’t access the internet like the ones who are working at our home and help them to apply for the corrections if any. This will help them to avail the subsidies from the Government (if any) without any hindrance.

Disclaimer: The details posted above are based on the details found in the official UIDAI website. In case of any errors / mistakes found in the post, feel free to let me know.  Also feel free to e-mail me for any troubles if you face while applying for corrections online.

Meet you all in my next post!

With Cheers,